If you are a Smart City or Municipality with a focus on helping your citizens move more freely, the Arvoia Mobility management platform is the anchor technology needed to create seamless movement.

For Connected Communities (Municipalities, Government sectors focused on transport solutions), Arvoia is helping solve for the future of connecting people with the right transport for their needs. The future of cities and rural communities is in bringing together an integrated transport network that consumers can access easily to move from A to B be that work, home etc. Arvoia is the system to connect every local Government’s transport network helping to understand what form of transport – car, bike, train, bus, scooter etc is available and best used to move people seamlessly around.

Transport provider

Integrate any form of transportation from private car to bike share, car share, ride hail etc.


Arvoia’s 6D technology and human interface provide you with unique business insights into your customer behaviour (transport choice, location, timings etc) and allows you to adjust your business strategies.

Dynamic display

Wherever your customers are, Arovia’s technology will deliver dynamic content based on insights from search and booking behaviour.

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