If you operate a business or service with assets e.g. car rental, OEMs, bike/scooter schemes – we can provide solutions to deliver asset utilisation performance
We can provide solutions that deliver higher efficiencies in margin, conversion and revenue

Asset utilisation is a major challenge for mobility providers – from car rental to manufacturers to bike and scooter schemes.   The complexity of understanding mobility behaviours across location, price and brand while understanding the specific needs of the individual customer is a significant industry challenge.  Balancing this against how to make the best use of your assets to provide the right offer at the right time is a key strategic objective for mobility providers.

Arvoia’s core technology is based on the principles of behavioural economics and how price, class, brand, time and location and the customer mindset all interlink. These ‘6 Dimensions of Mobility’ govern every decision made and are powered by our AI to give you deeper insights into your customers.  It is this insight which helps our clients drive better business performance be that revenue, margin, conversion or asset utilisation.

For manufacturers in particular, Arvoia’s platform can help you close the loop on your customers from asset purchase to usage by understanding their behaviour in locations and giving you the opportunity to deliver a more complete customer experience keeping them engaged with your brand and services.

Our solution is both easy to deploy and operate – we provide a full interface for you to manage your business goals and test and roll out the best strategies for your business locations, brands or channels.


Arvoia uses AI and our proprietary ‘6 Dimensions of Mobility’ to provide insights into customer behaviour on search and acquisition of services. These insights can be combined with your business objectives – be it at a location, asset, brand or channel level – to drive increased sales conversion and higher margin as customers are getting the right offer for their particular need.


The Arvoia platform is built on a rich set of mobility data and processes 5 billion data points to help drive the best decisions for your customers mobility needs.

Dynamic display

Arvoia offer a wide range of touchpoints to engage with your customers and offer them a dynamic, personalised experience no matter where they are on their journey.

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