25 years of experience

Arvoia have deployed AI solutions, retail solutions and distribution solutions across air, OTA, hotel and car. Our customers have ranged from large hotel chains, independent hotels, OTAs, travel platforms, car rental companies and airlines.

Double-digit growth

It was in understanding our travel customers' pain points that we architected our AI platform. This is not a generic AI platform but a technology platform that has helped provide each industry with leapfrog technology without having to invest a dime.

Arvoia AI

AI is already revolutionising the customer experience across social and retail - travel is next. In order to fulfil this ambition, travel is in real need of a global industrialised AI platform built specifically for this industry - this is Arvoia AI.

Success Stories

Flight Centre Travel Group

“Working with Arvoia was our first proper foray into AI at the digital commerce retail layer across a number of our products. The results in revenue terms are real, quantifiable, and consistent. We are delighted with this long-term relationship”

- Paul Wilcox, Digital Commerce Manager
for Digital Packages


“We have worked with Arvoia for over 5 years, we engaged in full digital transformation utilising Arvoia technology. Their tech stack, their application of AI, their understanding of the travelling consumer, and how to drive provable value for us as a major client was world class.”

- Niklas Andreen,
SVP Hospitality and Car

Gulf Air

“We were incredibly impressed with the revenue performance of the Arvoia AI solutions for ancillaries. We deployed the Arvoia solutions across our ticket book flow and consistently increased the uptake of add ons and ancillaries through the application of Arvoia's suite of AI products”

- Ali Jassim,
Director of eCommerce and Ancillaries

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