AI-driven mobility partnerships for a new mobility reality which is both shared and connected

Arvoia’s platform and solutions have wide ranging applications across the entire mobility marketplace. Arvoia enables municipalities and state bodies to connect their communities using our platform.

Arvoia are providing a social ride share solution for Irish municipalities through an AI driven app which connects users with drivers in a free to travel social scheme.

This is a clear example of how the criticality of understanding consumer behaviour is the bedrock of all future mobility models.

There is a global need for connected and shared transportation solutions. With a $1.5 trillion being added in new mobility models by 2030, Arvoia have already proven how our platform can be a pillar technology in providing solutions for municipalities and their citizens.

Future partnerships

Arvoia are continuing to explore new mobility solutions with OEMs and municipalities across the globe. The Arvoia platform is unique in being able to offered tailored solutions as it is the only full service AI driven platform from content and aggregation right though to the provision of real time customer interaction through a range of touchpoints and apps.

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