Creating better customer experiences and capturing untapped revenues through advanced AI

Arvoia work in a space which merges the discrete disciplines of behavioral economics, customer intelligence and artificial intelligence.

We currently process 24 billion transactions per annum and have released a raft of new AI retail products and have built a world-class data science team.

Through extensive research and development, Arvoia have developed a patented AI framework called 6D, which explores the six dimensions of behaviour: Time, Intent, Location, Assets, Price & Affinity. We have shown that it is the combination of these key features which impacts customer decision making.

We provide smarter customer mobility and hospitality recommendations by applying Ai and machine learning to 6D. At Arvoia, we have found that tailored algorithms layered on top of our global models, help us achieve much better coverage of the customer base, and thereby maximize profits for our clients.

Some examples of our tailored algorithms include Market, Channel, Device and Seasonality.

The 6 dimensions of mobility that businesses are trying to solve

Identifying patterns in search, booking, and rental times and how they change according to seasonality and duration

Understanding how customer behaviours vary based on source and destination location

Helping businesses optimise the fleet at their disposal at any given time

By analysing customer interaction at various touchpoints, our algorithms can predict customer intent

Interpreting the customers brand affinity, loyalty and preferences

Understanding the customer’s needs and offering them the most appropriate product as opposed to simply the cheapest