Drive revenue by connecting new mobility providers and simplify your supply chain through the Arvoia Platform

The Arvoia platform gives you the opportunity to simplify your mobility content aggregation into a single source eliminating the headaches of integrating and managing multiple APIs from Mobility Providers and Aggregators.

It achieves this through the reuse of open standard adaptors to rapidly integrate a wide range of mobility sources and ancillaries including Car Rental & Transfers (Including On-Demand Options.)  These adaptors are already handling billions of transactions a year and are already supporting a wide range of mobility players today.

Our multi-source data signal adaptors also capture Behavioural Data (Online & Historical Trends), Location Data (Trip & Points of Interest) & Asset Data (Fleet & In-Vehicle data). We also enhance your existing mobility content with rich content (Terms & Conditions; Geo-coding; Fleet; Images) to drive a better customer experience.

Processing 2bn transactions a month, the Arvoia platform enables you to accelerate your business strategies by enabling you to deploy the following, as required:

100+ Car Rental Suppliers already connected

Over 110,000 Transfer locations supported

Direct Connections

Aggregator Connections

Car Rental


New Multi-Modal Solutions

Behavioural Insights

Location Insights

Mobility Asset Insights