Gain competitive advantages and deep customer insights with Arvoia’s leading mobility management platform.

Imagine that you can take a piece of your online real estate and use our platform to serve dynamic content to your customers in real time, wherever they are.

These touchpoints such as your website, email, inflow, in app, mobile etc – provide a real time opportunity to dynamically offer the best offer (car, transport, ancillary) to customers, taking account of their search and booking behaviour on your site and drive improved conversions, revenue and margin. In addition, we will help reduce time to booking, number of searches and increase loyalty.

Arvoia mobility management platform

We take your search and booking data and apply our (6D) AI technology to surface up the right offer/product to the consumer. We use a combination of algorithms to build out a model based on your historical data. These models are trained and tested on your historical data to assess their ability to predict an outcome e.g. convert, higher price, different car…

  • We use the industry standard ROC approach to ensure our models our the best in market to deliver on your business needs.
  • But AI on its own is not simply enough. Otherwise you could use a black box AI with no real understanding of impact etc.

The theory of behavioural economics is critical to our solution and your success. We know that the core variables in car rental are Customer, Price, Car class, Brand, Location, Time. It is the cross section of static variables of location, brand, time and the dynamic variable of car and price that impacts customer decision making. We call this 6D and it is the unique aspect of our technology that gives us the global leading edge today. Though extensive research and development, Arvoia have discovered that all mobility decisions are bound by six dimensions of behaviour. Arvoia’s proprietary 6D AI technology understands the materiality and interoperability of each of these levers and allows the mobility enterprise to not only understand deep behavioural patterns but also control them.

6D Affinity Cost Assets Location Time Intent

The 6 dimensions of mobility that businesses are trying to solve

  • Time: Understanding seasonality and booking patterns
  • Location: Optimising assets for people and places
  • Assets: Redefining brand and asset choice for business models
  • Cost: Maximising price that customers are willing to pay
  • Affinity: Reconsidering relationships between brands, transport, customers and citizens
  • Intent: Helping businesses understand customer intent

Our 6D technology is applied to all of the above when making product recommendations.

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